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​21 day nutrition guide​

Who would benefit from this plan? 


Will gain endurance, strength, and break through plateaus!

People over weight:

Will drastically lose fat and gain loads of energy!

People under weight:

Will gain strength and endurance which will ultimately lead to muscle gain!

  • ​​​Eat 1 cup of fruit & green veggies daily

​Fruits will give you natural good sugar and carbs to give you energy as you cut out all the bad sugar and carbs. Green veggies will help your body process the foods you eat and put them to good use, also providing essential vitamins to your body.

  • Protein every 2-3 hours

Chicken, lunch meat, almonds, fish, any kind of meat or a protein shake/bar. This is important to keep your metabolism burning all day. This will also keep your body anoblic (in a state of muscle growth and fat loss at the same time) Especially on days that you workout, practice or do any other hard physical activity.

  • Good fats with each meal

Almonds, avocado or coconut oil to name a few. This is important for the function of your brain, heart and to keep your joints from injury.

  • Drink 64oz of water daily (4 normal sized bottles)​

Your body is made up of 60% water. This fact alone should explain the importance of this. Dehydration will lead to injuries, low energy and a weak immune system.

  • No processed sugar

This includes things like: Candy, soda, cake, cookies, etc... Processed sugar has no good benefits (apart from deliciousness to your taste buds) but it does have many bad affects to your body's look and performance.

  • No fast food

Fast food is filled with nothing but preservatives, bad fats and carbs which your body does not like to use for fuel which will be stored as fat and curb your energy levels.

  • No carbohydrates after 7pm

Carbohydrates are fuel for your body, eating carbs this late in the evening will only be stored as unnecessary fat that your body will not use. Carbohydrates include: Bread, pasta, flour and grains.